From Graduate to Unemployed: The Struggles of Entering the “Real” World.

Ask any undergrad student what he or she looks forward to the most and nine times out of ten you’ll get a sigh followed swiftly by the words “to be done with this hell-hole”. Chances are you will also find that one in ten who is looking forward to that party next week. Or that one in ten who is looking forward to her wedding πŸ˜› .Haha! but in reality for a lot of us graduation is seen as a moment of sheer joy and triumph where the student feels like they have finally done one over their master and liberated themselves from a life of misery that was filled with assignments, submissions and exams. Also for those looking to work rather than further their studies, i.e. me, it represents the achievement of finally making the cut and being able to enter into the so-called real world.

WRONG! *pause WRONG!

Now I must point out if you are a fresh grad and you have managed to find a job which is related to your field and is exactly what you are looking for, without any help what so ever from a 3rd person (i.e. family,relative, any sort of connection), then hats off to you and know that the force is most definitely on your side. Oh and screw you!! Haha I joke I joke. But seriously count your blessing because you have dodged the mother of all bullets, I take that back, the grandmother of all bullets because the reality of the situation is companies are only willing to hire those with some sort of relevant experience, in most cases a year or two of it.

Which brings me to my next point, how in god’s name am I supposed to gain that experience if nobody is willing to hire me so I can get that experience. It’s just ridiculously funny, I mean the Bermuda Triangle makes more sense. And what’s even funnier is that I’ve been applying for jobs for just slightly over 4 months now, I know it’s not that long really, and to add on I’ve applied to no less than 60 different companies, hospitals etc. but I’ve only received some form of response from only a handful. And if you minus all the automated replies where companies tell you that they have received your application and will get back to you should you pass the selection, then am left with a respectable total of 3 replies. Haha! Rejection is my best friend at the moment, we’re both pretty close. Nice guy. But truthfully the only proper response is to try and laugh it off and just keep going I guess.

Having said all that! I do also have to point out that I am a man of faith and I do believe that everything has it’s time and in due course, god willing, things will take a turn for the better. Also this isn’t an internet rant where am just forcing out my frustration onto everybody, no no far from it. My point is a lot more subtle and it’s to inform all you lads and ladies who haven’t graduated yet, to value the time you have left in uni. Try to learn something new, try to experience something new *halal of course, I don’t want that kind of responsibility on judgement day. Haha! Yeah make new friends, go for exchange, join an event because honestly once you graduate things take a turn for the boring real quick.

To finish this very random post here is a quote to ponder on : “What has reached you, was never meant to miss you. And what has missed you, was never meant to reach you” ~ Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).


4 thoughts on “From Graduate to Unemployed: The Struggles of Entering the “Real” World.

  1. uhhm man that’s saying was straight up to the point, “keep your faith in God, and god won’t let you down” Starbucks kaif m3ak Friday night? hahahahahaha dude!

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