Mistaking Mistakes

It goes without saying really that mistakes are an inevitable part of life. You, me, all of us make mistakes. That’s a given. Those mistakes might be big or small depending on the outcome of those mistakes but still a mistake is eventually a mistake. In fact some mistakes might be so big that they end up defining us, while other mistakes might be so small that you yourself don’t know about them. But when one looks at his or her own mistakes and clearly identifies those mistakes and then takes it a step further to see if anyone else around them is making those similar mistakes. You begin to develop a pattern of identical mistakes that people make. For example the classic case of caring too much for people who might not necessarily share the same level of care for you as you do for them. Also not to mention its sister mistake of undermining those that really do care for you. I’m pretty sure we’ve all done that at some point. I sure as hell have.

So when I took a bit of time off my busy schedule (*incredible amount of sarcasm detected haha!) to kind of look back at some of the mistakes I’ve made and sort of compare them to some of the mistakes that a few of my friends have mentioned to me that they’ve made, I realized three things. And it’s that a lot of us don’t necessarily learn from each others mistakes. In fact that is a mistake in itself. I mean it’s kind of like the jumping off a bridge analogy parents use so much. But frankly it shows one criminal flaw and it’s that we sort of undermine the problems or mistakes of others or we downsize them, so much so that we fail to see the problem or mistake itself sometimes. And sure enough later on, whether it’s a day, a month, a year or years we end up with a similar problem or mistake. Down right Criminal!

Another thing I realized, is that we tend to make the same mistakes over and over again. It’s almost like we think that a particular mistake is a one-off and it’s not going to happen again. And if undermining the mistakes of others was criminal, this is straight up suicide. And you don’t need me to tell you that these are probably the worst type of mistakes to make in fact they’re usually the ones that hurt the most. Almost like opening a healed wound.

Now as I was thinking of mistakes that I had made in recent times, I obviously stumbled on the obvious ones but I realized that I had made a lot of other mistakes along the way. Which brought me to my final realization, before I realized that I had to take a break from lying down in bed for half an hour (yes! I know take a break from lying down Haha!), and that is a lot of the times we fail to see our own mistakes. Truthfully, this is in a way similar to not being able to see your own flaws but oh what the heck? haha! And to complete the trifecta, if the first was criminal and the second was suicide this is aiding and abetting.

So as an ending let me ask you this, do you genuinely think anyone in the world is as lifeless as I am right now? Haha! I kid I kid, but seriously when was the last time you looked at your mistakes?


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