The Endoscopy Department

Recently, due to work, I’ve had the privilege of visiting the endoscopy department quite frequently to set up and install this new scope system that the hospital had bought. And although I don’t talk to the patients at all, I do however get the opportunity to see their habits and reactions. Uhmm Before I continue I just have to pay tribute to nurses everywhere, honestly the stuff they see and do just commands respect especially in the endoscopy department where I would say they deal with sh*t 24/7, literally!! I mean truly and with smiles as well.

But what this experience did is it underlined this commonly known fact in my head that a person’s health is probably the most valuable thing they have. Forget money, forget beauty, forget girls, forget cars, heck forget football (that’s huge for me btw) because 99.99% of the time if you asked someone to choose between health and any of the things I just mentioned chances are they would choose health, although am still debating between football and health haha! But anyways the irony in all of this is that although health is so valuable and it’s so commonly known to be valuable it is probably the least valued, if you get what I mean, till you lose it that is. And that is not more evident than in hospitals, where anyone and everyone who is sick is not thinking about the car they drove to the hospital in or the money they need to spend to get treated or the pretty nurse that’s talking to them or even the football match that’s being shown on the tele. All they are thinking about is regaining their health. You can see it in them, they are just flushed with regards to their thoughts, barely using their phones or talking. But once the procedure is done and the sedation has cleared and the doctor comes and tells them that they are fine, it’s as if nothing ever happened. But the wisdom in all of this is that you don’t have to just apply it to health, you can apply it to anything that’s valuable to you. Be it a person or a thing, value it before you lose it.

Finally for any of you who is not familiar with the term endoscopy, it basically means having a camera inserted into you in order to view either your digestive system, respiratory system, urinary system (I’ll let your imagination run wild with this one) and any other system that has a connection to the outside world. So think of it this way if ever you think that your life sucks and could not get any worse just thank god that you are not being prepped to have 168 cm of tubing inside you.

Stay healthy, stay blessed.


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