The Selfish Gene

With all that’s happening with the world right now, it’s really hard for me not to think that people in general are just naturally sh*tty to one another. What I mean by that is if you eliminate religion out of the equation, race becomes an issue, if you eliminate race, nationality becomes an issue, if you eliminate nationality, color becomes an issue and so on and so forth. So much so that you could have people that agree in race, color, faith, nationality and even lineage but just because they differ in political views that then becomes a reason for hate and violence.

And I honestly think that it’s not entirely fair to point the finger at religion all the time for being the cause of hate and violence. Yes, historically there are numerous evidences of that but in my opinion no religion (whatever religion that is) is purely violent or all about violence. People are violent. So if you are a violent person then your Islam, your Christianity, your Judaism, your Buddhism etc. is going to be violent. In fact I can say that politics is more to blame for so much of the worlds’ violence and is as responsible as religion for moving the masses and instilling hate, if not more responsible. And I’m actually surprised that people haven’t pointed enough fingers at politics as they have on religion. But truthfully I think what differentiates people are their values and what they stand for.

And in terms of values at least, I would definitely argue that the western world is probably more Islamic than it thinks. Far more Islamic than even in the Arab world I would say. Values such as tolerance, acceptance of other races and religions, union, standing up for what is right regardless if it brings harm to oneself, working for the betterment of humanity, advocating peace. These are all values that Islam does not only hint at but commands, yet through media (for political reasons I can only assume) and the actions of some muslims a completely different picture is painted. It almost brings the heart to tears sometimes, that a religion so based on peace is viewed in the complete opposite way. And a lot of the times instead of looking at what would cause an individual to act in such a way we immediately look for what religion they follow and assume that’s what the religion is.

The irony in all of this is that, religion is supposed to make us rise above that selfish gene and to not look at people based on their skin color, race, language, even political views and on top of all of that not to judge, because only god can judge. But sadly in this day and age nothing brings people together more than a common enemy and as a muslim it pains me to see Islam being the common enemy of so many. And not because of what Islam is but because of what it’s made out to be or what we as muslims have represented it as. It really is a time of self reflection for us muslims I believe because no matter how hard we try to argue that Islam is peaceful (and all those good things) we have to show it to be exactly that.

The world can only judge what it sees.


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