It’s a simple fact of life that each and everyone one of us desires or will desire something at some point in time during their lives; be it a job or a relationship or a house or a car or even all those things combined, that’s just the norm. The funny thing about that however, is that we desire those things while expecting those things not to have some sort of change in our lives. Let me elaborate on that because frankly even I don’t get that sentence haha.

But anyways what I meant was let’s say you were unemployed yeah (*sound familiar 😛 ) and you desperately wanted a job, you know just to kick start your life again. Now when you were unemployed you had time for a lot of things. Time for friends, time to hang out, time to just laze around and do nothing (am a licensed pro at that btw) etc. So basically you want that job to fit into this picture here without you necessarily having to forgo any of the things you had time for previously. And after you obsess about getting your job and you do get it, the change that it brings is extremely unwelcomed. For example you lose the time you had for friends, so certain friendships fade. You lose the time to hang out and so you become an antisocial version of yourself. You lose the time to laze around and do nothing, which I must say is actually a good thing but anyways you get the point… i hope 😛

Same goes with relationships I believe, we all obsess about them when we are single but once we do get involved in one we immediately think “what the hell did I get myself into?” Same goes with getting a car, previously you wanted something to get you from point A to point B without worry but in fact the car brings with it a list of worries. Fuel, parking, maintenance, cleaning the car, checking on the engine oil from time to time and really all those things make you go “why don’t I just take the train today“. Also same thing with the house; maintenance, cleaning, security etc. etc.

Now my point is not to say you shouldn’t want anything because of the change it is going to bring but it’s that you should anticipate that most probably the thing you want is going to force some sort of change to your current situation. And in fact the key to getting what you want is patience, not so that you can weigh out your options, but so that you can be sure that this particular thing is truly what you want.

Stay happy, stay blessed.


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