Death, ironically, is probably the most certain thing in life. So certain in fact that no religion, no race, no color, no political party or simply nobody denounces it. And I would even say that it’s probably the only thing that atheists and people of faith agree upon, oddly enough. But it is a known fact of life and we’ve all had some sort of affiliation with it; either through the loss of someone dear or through hearing about it in the news or even having a near death experience ourselves.

However the incredible thing about it, is that in whatever way it comes up in our lives it almost always does so as a surprise. When realistically speaking it shouldn’t be a surprise when it’s something so certain. For example, if we looked at the direct opposite of death and that’s life or more specifically the birth of a newborn baby. There is in fact very little or dare I say no element of surprise involved in being told that so-and-so is going to be born tomorrow or so-and-so is going to give birth tomorrow. Primarily because a timeline is involved, in which you know 9 months and boom you’ve got a baby. It’s not like a baby just shows up out of no where.

But seriously the sheer random nature of death almost always catches us by surprise, and in many ways even when it is planned. Take for example terminal patients or death row inmates. In fact speaking of death row inmates, I don’t know about you but upon reading about the Bali 9 guys and their expected execution and how they were told that they had 72 hours left in their lives and about how their coffins were being prepared while they were still alive and so on just completely turned my stomach upside down. I mean it really made me think of what sort of thoughts were going through their heads and their families’ heads. About the choices they’ve made and about literally knowing that tomorrow morning you will not be around and just the sheer uncertainty of what happens after. It’s just an absolutely appalling situation that I wouldn’t wish on even my worst enemy. But the sad reality of the situation is that these are criminals, they are people who have broken the law, a serious law in fact. Now am not a law person nor am I here to debate the validity of the death penalty as a punishment and so on but these are people who have a made a single grave mistake and they are paying the price of it. But still the news of their expected execution is met with a surprise like feel combined with a mixture of anger and a hint of remorse.

But I think the real reason why people have such a negative outlook on the death penalty and execution in general is because we all can universally relate to the reality of being told when you are going to die. And so regardless of what a convicted criminal has done, people always tend to sympathize with individuals facing the death penalty as it seems very unnatural to be informed of your end. Which may make you wonder about how much of a blessing in disguise it is that we live out our days not knowing which will be our last.

So in conclusion, I ‘d just like to end with this statement; No matter how bad or how stressful or how difficult life might seem right now to you, just know that the fact that you are still alive, healthy and not on death row  is worth far more than anything that you are running after or desiring in life. Because if you told any of those 9 inmates to take on all your problems and all your issues in exchange for being allowed to live just another week they would probably do so without a second’s hesitation.

Stay safe, stay happy and be grateful.


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