The term “friendzone” is one that is often used nowadays, in fact if you were to spend just half an hour on any social media platform these days you are bound to run into the term.

But why all the fuss though?

Well it could be because a lot of us have been there. It could also be because some of us have sent people there. It could most certainly be because we’ve all definitely seen people sent there.

The friendzone! A mystical realm where good guys and girls lay homage or so we are thought to believe. Truthfully the term is mostly used by guys (claiming to be nice) in response to being turned down by a girl. And to some girls that just seems a tad bit sexist because a lot of the times there doesn’t seem to be the same sense of remorse for when a girl is turned down. Fair enough! To guys however, a moments silence is often observed in response to a fallen comrade.

*Minutes silence … Amen!

The sad truth about the friendzone however is, in order to be the one being friendzoned you have to admit that most likely you were barking up the wrong tree. You see a bit of intellect goes a long way some times and if the person your interested in doesn’t seem to share the same level of interest as you do then it’s probably best that you press hard on those brakes before you slip and slide into the friendzone. And if that wasn’t the case then you were probably too chicken to admit your feelings in the first place am afraid. Might seem harsh but it’s true more often than not.

And to be the one doing the friendzoning, well you probably have to admit that at some point you were leading the other party on for a while. Whether you enjoyed the attention you were getting from them or you are secretly an avid collector of hearts at some point instead of making obvious your lack of interest, you chose to play along and act dumb. Now I have to admit that this might not always be true but a lot of the times it is.

The friendzone itself represents completely different things for both the friendzoner and the friendzonee, if such terms did ever exist. For the friendzoner it’s a way of showing your lack of feelings to a friend without losing them as a friend. For the friendzonee however it feels a lot like prison. And you would definitely be forgiven for thinking that the friendzone was like prison because you see much like prison, once you’ve been sentenced, all you have to do and all you can do really is, do your time. Do your time and wait to be let out or wait to be bailed out. And if your behavior was good, parole is always an option I suppose.

And in my humble opinion I think that’s the best way to deal with being friendzoned, just accept it and move on. You see no matter how much you like an individual if the other person doesn’t necessarily share that mutual liking, then it’s your problem to deal with and not theirs. But shaming an individual for not liking you back doesn’t by any sense of the word solve your problem in fact it just compounds it.

So in conclusion I would just like to say that one should never underestimate feelings, be it yours or any other person’s for that matter.


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