How much are you worth?

I think it’s very common sometimes to wonder how much people value you? or to reflect on your own self-worth. You see social media has made the world a very small place but what it has also done is that it has made the world a very shallow place. Shallow in the sense that the number of likes we get for a post, the ratio of ‘followers’ to ‘following’ and the number of retweets and favorites we get determine ones self-satisfaction or self-worth. When frankly what all those statistics show is how many people actually bothered to recognize your post. And that’s the key thing I guess. How many people bothered to recognize your post and in retrospect you!

What you should note however is that your post, selfie, inspirational quote, video, tweet etc. probably reached out to more people than you can imagine but just as how you robotically scrolled through your own timeline choosing what or who you want to acknowledge, everybody else is doing the same. What you should also note is that no matter how good of a picture you post or how thoughtful of a quote you post some people will not acknowledge it just because it’s from you. Whether that’s because of some past history between yourselves or the other’s attempt at increasing their own self-worth, for one reason or another your post will be deliberately ignored. So if your point was to be recognized then, unless your incredibly good looking, chances are you are going to be let down. haha!

Which brings me to my next point. What is the measurement of worth then? But before that I think we all can admit (whether you want to or not is a different story) that we all crave the attention of those who do not necessarily reflect that desire. Now I know this may sound silly and in fact border-line vain but we do this mainly because we value them and want them to value us back. And when that doesn’t happen then loneliness and self pity etc. sets in. What you should think of however, is that in the same way that’s happening to you it’s probably also happening to them if not worse.

But anyways the measurement of worth? In my opinion the measurement of your worth is equivalent to how much you value others. You see to be valued is a lot like to be loved or respected and in order to be loved or respected you’ve got to give love or respect. And for me personally some of the best people are those that are loving to all regardless if they have anything aesthetic (wealth, beauty, status) that is better than others.

Finally although it is important to question your value to others sometimes, you should never really dwell too long on it. The reason for that is you might find yourself valuable to many and fall prey to pride or you might find yourself valuable to few and fall prey to loneliness. But if you do really want to feel valued, then surround yourself with people who value you and then see if you feel lonely or not?


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