In light of recent events and just the absolute disdainful nature of our current world it’s no real surprise that as a species we are own worst enemies. The human experiment is one that must appear extremely promising. An intelligent being which is able to think for itself, register what’s around it and adjust in order to make the best possible use of it’s surroundings to ensure it’s well being.

Yet, and probably since the beginning of creation, we have brought more harm to ourselves than any external factor. It’s hard to recall a time in history, particularly in recent history, that hasn’t been ravished by war, oppression and unjust killing. In fact in today’s world we have become so accustomed to death and destruction that our idea of responding to it is by changing our profile pictures. Imagine that.

In many ways I could be wrong but forgive me because that is how the world is portrayed. If I switch on the news at any time of the day during any time of the year, ALL I’m presented with is death and destruction.

I for one see the problem as two things morphed into one. Greed and an inherent inability to get along. You can breakdown any society. If you look at it on a macro-scale what divides us are our race, our religions, our nationalities, our geopolitics. And if you dare to bring it down into a micro-scale you would realize that even sharing the same race or same religion or same nationality etc. doesn’t get people to see eye to eye. History can certainly testify to this.

In fact History can be rather comical sometimes and it has a funny way of repeating itself. I’ve been reading up about Malcom X recently and I came across his Oxford Union Debate where he gave a brilliant speech on extremism. Something that is on the minds of most people today. And imagine this was 1964. In it he quite rightly pointed out the role of media or press at the time in the instigation of hate and in leading people to think along certain lines. And I can probably tell you that there are far more people being influenced today by media and politics than there are by religion. You can see that in people’s responses to things.

Now what has probably captivated the world today is this Utopian concept where people are aspiring for a world that is ideal with no troubles and no injustice. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but I would say the nature of life and the world is that it is unstable. There will always be problems but what we can do on an individual level is to be good and just to the people we come across regardless of race, religious background, nationality or political ideas.

I mean think about there are approximately 7.5 billion people on earth that are alive today. Of that number how many are you actually going to come across? So if you do right by the ones you meet and enough people do the same thing collectively to the ones they meet then maybe we can have a world where we’re not our worst enemies.

And if I may add to my conclusion the Quran has a particularly striking verse on the differences amongst man and it says “O mankind, indeed we have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another.” (49:13) What’s striking is that when you look at it, there is no complete or perfect race or culture or nationality. Every race or division of man comes with it’s good and it’s bad, and if we choose to know the good in one another instead of focusing on the bad I definitely think that as a species we’ll definitely get along a whole lot better.

God speed!


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