I honestly think it is part of the nature of man (men and women alike) to want to know about the feelings of others or it could just be part of our nature to gossip and backbite. haha! But seriously when you think about it, nearly all of the gossip we talk about amongst ourselves has something to do with feelings. What’s even more interesting is that nearly all of the celebrity tabloids and news predominantly focus on things such as who is with who and who likes who.

You can definitely see this in school children and even from a very young age. And I would argue the reason for that inherent interest in the feelings of others could be that feelings generally fall under the most private of thoughts and there is something oddly satisfying in being informed of those thoughts.

Moreover feelings themselves represent a kind of softness or gentleness in people. So for example it shows that even the hardest of individuals has got a soft spot and for some that might be seen as a weakness but in truth it probably represents an even greater strength. And that is the courage to own up and expose your true self regardless of what others may think.

And the weird thing about feelings is that once they’ve been shared, it usually breaks any sort of barriers that were there between two people. Kind of like a relief valve and now you suddenly find yourself in a position where the two of you are sharing deeper lying thoughts and secrets. You can certainly see this between friends or at the beginning of relationships where people open up about things that they would have previously never told. So in many ways feelings can be a door into genuinely knowing someone.

Also and more importantly there is a slight bit of vulnerability associated with feelings as more often than not it involves an individual having to crack open this exterior shell, that we all seem to build for ourselves, and exposing a part of themselves that isn’t quite obvious. Another attribute of this vulnerability is that once they (i.e. feelings) have been shared, they in many ways end up representing you. What I mean by that is, if things don’t work out they way they should, those feelings will always be attributed to you. So for example even if you are already over someone it will always linger in the mind’s of others, and that someone who you are over, that you have feelings for them.

Now that vulnerability that comes with feelings is probably the main reason why so many people go to such great lengths to hide their feelings, because there is an inherent danger in feelings. And that danger is that your feelings might end up being used against you. Either by something as simple as it being passed around and talked about or by something as sinister as being led astray by them.

And finally just to end this oh-so-random post, feelings are extremely powerful things. They can inspire and motivate if channeled correctly or they can be as lethal as cancer in the hands of an ungrateful other. So you should never take feelings for granted, be it yours or others.

Much love 🙂


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