In so many ways the world of football (soccer) is an absolute mirror image of the world today, and in no where else is that claim more obvious than in the aspect of success. Now if you’ve ever known me you would certainly know that I am what you call a die hard footballing fan. And to just add on to that I am in fact an avid supporter of a club known as Manchester United.

It goes without saying really that Manchester United are a big club and a club with a tremendous history of success, especially during the last two decades. Which in fact makes their recent dip in form and success feel all the more painful because I haven’t really associated the club with anything but success. And it certainly hurts, as much as a heartbreak does, to see them playing so badly and just not up to the level that I and so many other supporters of the club have gotten used to.

But you see that right there is probably the first of many similarities between success in football and success in the world. And that is, in life you can never rule or dominate forever. There may come a period where your rule or dominance seems endless but often just as quickly as it started, it unfortunately ends. And if that end doesn’t happen during your lifetime there is every possibility that once your dead, buried and no longer a thought in peoples’ minds, the end of your success occurs.

In fact life is all about ups and downs and if you live with the ideology that you are always going to be on top or at the bottom then you’ve missed a very important lesson in life. There is a very famous quote, which sort of moved me, from Helen Keller’s autobiography which reads “There is no King who has not had a slave among his ancestors, and no slave who has not had a king among his”. And if history is anything to refer to these days you can certainly see evidence of that everywhere.

Another similarity between success in football and in life comes from a common saying in football and that is that you are only as good as your last game. Which by that standard of course United would be considered absolutely shit. Haha! It’s not been the best of years for the club or the previous two years for that matter but all of a sudden United are being classed as a bad club or a club that sucks, for lack of a better description.

But that also represents a very annoying aspect of success and it’s that success is not really a plateau type of scenery. The true representation of your success comes with constantly being successful. So you can’t taste success once and claim that you are successful, you have to always be near to a particular level of success to be deemed successful. And in a success based industry or world that is really tricky.

I can go on about so many other similarities but ultimately I feel success comes down to two things; effort and large portions of it combined with just a tad bit of luck. Some would argue it’s fate (I am one of those by the way) but what ever you choose to call you have to admit that there is just that slight bit of control that we don’t really have. Let’s just hope United’s fortunes change soon before they turn into another Liverpool.

Haha! There is always room for banter.



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