What’s there to be said about life that hasn’t really been said already. Well we can easily talk about how short life is or about how underestimated it is in general or about any of its other trivial aspects but I feel that the one aspect of life that we all seem to struggle with or moreover struggle to attain is ‘Control’.

In fact if you come to think of it ‘Control’ is such a sought after thing, it’s no wonder that people of governance are willing to lie, manipulate or even shed blood in order to attain it. And if you think about it even further our own parents do the same with us, corporate organizations try to do the same with market shares etc., boyfriends try to have some level of control on their girlfriends and vice versa, the examples are endless really but it all stems down to wanting to attain some sort of control.

The only reason I can think of for why ‘Control’ is so highly sought after is that probably with it comes this sense of calmness or lack of anxiety in knowing that things are as they should be or at least how we think they should be. But we all know that that’s ever illusive.

And so from our feelings to our emotions to what happens to us (heck even the weather), Life in all it’s wondrous grandeur appears to be adamant at instilling the point that we, as humans, are not in control of things. And when we do try to somehow force a sense of control we are often confronted with unforeseeable circumstances that render our efforts at control fruitless.

Which begs the question really, “What do we have control of?”

Well, the simple and logical answer to that would probably have to be our response to things. It is through our response to the things that happen to us that we attain control.

This can be applied to the good and bad things that happen to us. So if you are faced with the occasional high in life, your response should be not taking it for granted and understanding that just as easily as you attained it, you could lose it. And if you flip that table around, the same ease with which you were afflicted with a particular trial or tribulation or difficulty could be the same ease with which you overcome it. For neither your problems nor your blessings last forever, and if it appears as though one of them is then you certainly won’t.

I know it may sound passive to think to yourself that I am just going to let life push me around and then simply wait for something to happen to me so I could respond to it, and that’s actually very true. I mean that’s actually the main reason why we all bother going out to get an education or work etc. and it’s because we want to be drivers and not simply driven.

Haha! it’s actually funny you know, the Quran describes humans as many things but above all it describes them as stubborn. And I bring this up because whether you choose to be the driver or the person whose being driven, the vehicle that you are on will neither stop, slow down or turn around for you. So you have learn to make the best of your journey and know when to choose to be a driver and when to choose to be a passenger. I suppose only then would any of us finally attain some sort of control on things.


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