I can honestly say that I have seen enough of life to know that contentment is one of the hardest things ever to achieve. In fact one can see from social media and the likes of such, that there is so much evidence of dissatisfaction with how our lives seem to play out even though externally things seem as though they are wonderful.

I for one think that one of the main reasons why so many of us feel this way is because in our minds there always seems to be something missing from our lives. Whether its a job or a car or money or even a special someone, there is always just that one thing that makes us think to ourselves “Oh if I could just have that, I could …”. And we become so blinded by that thing we crave that we end up forgetting the many other things that we have which others don’t.

I also think that another reason for that sense of dissatisfaction is that we meticulously plan out our lives, almost to a tee, that the moment things don’t go according to plan we often feel either let down or nay short of depressed. Naive as it may sound, but a lot of us plan out our lives thinking that life is going to play out exactly like how we want it to.

So eventually you would begin to realize that a lot of these feelings of dissatisfaction stem from excessive needs. Now don’t get me wrong, it is perfectly normal or in fact necessary to have some sort of need or want in life but the point is to accept that to get to what you want or need, things don’t necessarily have to go according to plan or in fact this thing that you feel as though you want or need might not be actually what’s good or beneficial for you in the first place.

In fact if you look at it long and hard enough, you would realize that a content person is in fact by definition a rich or wealthy person, because what is the definition of a wealthy person? It is a person without need. And an ironic analogy for all this is that if you were to look at society today and notice that what we consider to be middle class today was in fact considered to be the upper class of years gone by and the middle class of yesteryear would probably be considered as lower class or even borderline poverty today.

So some would consider that to be progress while others would probably call that ungratefulness. Whichever side of the coin you choose to fall under, it is really up to you to determine your level of satisfaction and hence your level of happiness.

God bless 🙂



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