Regrets are often very strange things indeed. They represent moments in our lives where we had complete control of a situation but somehow ended up or feel as though we ended up on the losing side. Moments that when you think back about them make you wonder “if only I knew then what I know now” or “if only I had a second chance” or more agonizingly “if only I had waited a little bit longer”.

There are a lot of things that people tend to regret. Decisions, actions, words that were said and words that weren’t but ultimately regrets have one thing common about them, a haunting feel. In the sense that no matter how much time elapses from a particular situation the feeling of regret does not seem to diminish much. And in my opinion that’s the blessing in disguise with regrets, it’s like your brain is subconsciously telling or reminding you “you better not eff up again”.

But when you think about it really, there is no real winning in this game of life. Take for example people who choose to focus on their future by sacrificing their present time working, studying etc. These people often live to regret not spending more time with their parents, not traveling when they had the freedom/energy/youthfulness to, and not doing the things they love or are good at etc.

And now you have the opposite of that spectrum, where you have people that live for the present moment, enjoying life and not worrying too much about future endeavors. Many a time these people live to regret not making better use of their present time or not focusing on building some sort of platform for their future. Of course these are very individual things but the point is that we all will live to regret certain things about our lives. It also doesn’t necessarily have to be something you did, it could be that you regret your lack of action or response to something.

Long story short, regrets happen and they will keep happening, they are just part of life. The only thing you can do really is hope that you don’t end up having to regret the same things over again.

In conclusion, life as a whole is a learning experience and these regrets are bookmarks sort of speak in your own story book. And although you may not live to regret every decision you make, these experiences (of regret) will affect how you look at things in the future. And the irony in all of this is by the time you do experience enough of life to say that nothing surprises you, time would’ve long passed.

No real winning like I said.
God bless 🙂


3 thoughts on “Regrets

  1. Nice piece Momo! I personally think that we only feel regret when we think about something we haven’t done that we wish we had done like how you so eloquently phrased it at the end of your fourth paragraph. But from my own personal experience, what I learnt about the nature of regret is this: When you ask yourself why you are so committed to regretting a past really question this miserable feeling deeply.. there doesn’t seem to be a logical answer. All you know is that you wish that moment that you now regret had been different. Then it hit me. If I do now whatever it is that I didn’t do then, I would no longer hold on to the feeling of regret from that past moment. I may also be able to unlock an understanding of why that sequence of events had to happen that way in the larger scheme of things. And that brings me to my next point and it’s connected to how you talked about regrets being blessings in disguise which is a great point by the way. Perhaps regrets can also be looked at in another perspective as well. Maybe the biological purpose of feelings like regret is to sustain a negative feedback-loop system that ensures we keep learning from our experiences and practicing what we learnt. So maybe if we changed how we feel about the feeling of regret (Haha) that is; instead of persistently despising how we feel about a past moment or how we feel about ourselves in that past moment, we opt for the alternative route that makes us question what we can do in the here and now that will achieve this different result we so crave. And in doing this, regret changes from being a negative consequence of an unhappy memory to a positive trigger that keep us evolving for the better and perhaps this was its intended higher purpose. Just my two cents. 😉

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    1. Ok you know what I thought that I think too deeply about things but I’ve got to hand it to you, you’ve gone a level up on me. But your points are absolutely spot on, and so many ways that’s what I was thinking, only I couldn’t phrase it as well as you did there. I guess your two cents are worth about 2 Dollars now. I guess we all need to somehow come to terms with things of this nature and in the grand scheme of things as you put, we all can only hope that the things we regret don’t end up consuming us.
      Love the feedback, keep it coming 🙂

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      1. Hahaha, why do you think I subscribed to your blog? To engage in deep meaningful discussions with like-minded individuals of course! 😉 So keep writing and I’ll have more feedback to give. 😀


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