Many times in life we find ourselves living lives that clearly weren’t meant for us. Whether that’s a result of circumstance or choice, it’s probably one of life’s worst kept secrets that the vast majority of us are stuck with routines that we’d much rather not have. And if there is anything I’ve learnt from my two years out in the “real world” is that you have to try and somehow get to that stage where you are doing what you love or where you love what you are doing, because only then would you aspire for greatness and only then would failures seem like commas and not full stops. Something that’s an ever present occurrence in most success stories.

The reality or truth however, is that the main reason many of us are stuck in these routines is because of circumstance. Like for example someone who is studying a particular degree just because his/her parents wanted them to do so or someone who has a job which they don’t necessarily like but feel obliged to do so because of certain responsibilities. Whatever the circumstance, one should always hold on tight to the hope of one day, possibly, doing what they love.

The other truth or reality in all of this is that you may not find yourself in a position where you are doing what you love straight away, heck you might not even know what “that thing you love” is to begin with. But that should never stop you from seeking it. In fact one way of finding out what you love is by finding out what you don’t love and that’s only achieved through experience. And as I’ve mentioned before life in general is a learning experience and at times it can be a trial and error type of experience.

There are of course those that arrive or end up doing the things they love much earlier on in life, and that is a true blessing in itself because not everyone is gifted with longevity of time to eventually stumble on what they love. With such individuals we can only pray and hope that life remains kind to them and keeps them doing the things they love for through their experiences, the rest of us attain hope.

Finally, it can’t be stated enough how short life really is or how very little time we all have left with loved ones and with those that we care for. And just to put things into perspective we spend far more time dead than we ever do alive, like if you could find a ratio for number of years that you exist to the number of years that you cease to exist. That ratio would be probably stun even the most passive of individuals into questioning their choices in life.

God bless 🙂


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