There is no doubt in my mind that one of the hardest things to do in this world is to try and explain why you are attracted to an individual or what about them do you actually like. It is particularly harder in fact to explain when you are initially getting to know a person as opposed to when you have known them for some time. That’s probably because if you do know the person long enough or are currently in a relationship with them it becomes a lot easier to pin-point the reason why you are attracted to them; however initially it is certainly a lot harder or far more vague.

Now there are several things people look to when trying to explain why they are initially attracted to someone; namely physical appearance, character, social status, even talent but the most obvious and certainly the most common reason has got to be physical appearance.

There is no denying that initial attraction is certainly rooted in the outward representation of an individual, that’s going to be forever true. However, that initial impulse can either be grown and nurtured into a deeper level of attraction or ignored and unattended to till the person eventually becomes just like any other regular individual. Now there is no secret recipe to “farming” attraction but the fertilizer in all of this has got to be the character of an individual. And the fruits of your labor are clearly observed in your demeanor and how you are perceived by others.

I stumbled across a very interesting fact recently about beauty and it talks about how people whom we perceive to be beautiful are in fact made up of average looking facial features. So that means average looking eyes, an average looking nose, and an average looking mouth all on one face. And that seems so striking to me why because it means that beauty in its essence is in fact rooted in balance and moderation. And if you were to apply this on a slightly larger scale, if the person in question is just a pretty face but can’t match that up with regards to character then the general idea of beauty diminishes.

There is also a very strange and natural desire in all of us as humans to want what we can’t have, which in my opinion certainly explains why people who are in relationships appear more attractive to us than those who are single for example. The reason for that could be that we are in fact attracted to the individual and in addition to that are also attracted to the state which the person is in. And probably one of the greatest evidences of that is if the person was in fact single you probably wouldn’t have as strong of an impulse to be with them.

As cliche as it may sound, your internal beauty is often manifested outwardly through your character, your treating of others, your response to others when being wrongfully treated and so on but the ironic thing about that type of beauty is that there is very little or no material gain from it. Which is why particularly in our modern world of likes, comments, followers, pending friend requests and messages, that expression of beauty or attractiveness often falls by the way side.

Another thing about that is with how for example people with beautiful hearts tend to be loved by many, they seem to have this glow or aura about them, and you rarely ever hear a bad thing being said about them and even if it is said about them you can clearly see the lack of sense in what is being said against them. And believe you me that is not something to be taken lightly or for granted. In all I guess the easiest, easiest, easiest thing to do is appreciate yourself and how God made you, be yourself and if there is anything that needs working on then make sure that it’s got more to do with your internal beauty than your outward.

Stay blessed, stay classy.


5 thoughts on “True Beauty and its laws of attraction

  1. Wahhh best gila, this one. Momo, I really like your style of writing. Keep going. If you ever feel like publishing anything, I would gladly help you out 🙂


      1. I was in the editing team of my uni department’s student portfolio book back in UM, dealing with UM Press. But my interest in publishing has escalated so much since then. I have friends who have done self published books too. Yup, definitely something to work towards actually having a book with your name at the front 🙂


      2. Yeah I know it would be like so awesome if one could publish something and have their own name on it. Would feel like an achievement? Do u still plan to do something like that? Would be cool to collab or something like that!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah! We should collaborate something upon the output, because two heads are better than one. Let’s gradually get there… in the meantime, keep writing, my friend 😀


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