Change is probably one of the most inevitable occurrences in life. It’s unthinkable, nay naive, to even imagine that one would actually go through the entire experience of life without having some sort of extreme change to their current state. In fact in some cases it can even be ironic because the truth is most of us are actually looking for some sort of change in our lives. Whether its a new car, a better paying job, a new house, heck even a new pair of shoes; our progression in life is certainly rooted in change. So the idea that one feels surprised every time some major change happens in their life is pretty ironic to a certain extent.

The reality of change is such however that very often if it is not induced by an individual (i.e. a choice to change) then it is induced by circumstances, which I think is where you may be excused for being surprised when change does occur although it should be known that nothing in life is actually permanent. Simple example, an employee that gets laid off because their company isn’t doing so well as opposed to an employee resigning in search of greener pastures. So what we can take from this is that the next time we look at someone and think to ourselves “Oh wow that person has changed”, we always need to take that one step back to see if they truly chose to change or whether its circumstances that dictated their change.

The strangest thing about change is actually the uncertainty that surrounds it. And that’s what often holds people back from choosing to change certain things in their lives, that “fear” of not knowing how things are going to turn out. What is even more ironic I guess is that this feeling of “fear” often arises in people that want change. And am sure this example hits hard; we all know someone (sometimes its ourselves) that is always talking about how they want to change something in their lives, and then when the opportunity for change does finally come up, they don’t take it. For whatever reason, they don’t take it. So there is a great amount of bravery involved in pursuing a goal that involves great change to your state.

But isn’t it funny also how when you do get something that you really wanted you are often left a little empty inside, or maybe you don’t feel as happy as you thought you should be feeling. I guess the reason behind that is when you do eventually get what you want, you are suddenly faced with all the things that you would ultimately be forced to let go off. These things could be people, friendships, relationships etc. Eventually and very bluntly you are exposed to one of the cruelest facts of life; that most times it’s not just about the destination really but the journey itself.

And another great irony is that getting what you want very often marks the end of a particular journey in your life. For example, when you get that degree that you have always wanted, it signals the end of numerous friendships, relationships etc. as things inadvertently are not going to be the same from then on. Same goes with getting married, getting a new house or a new job. So my advice in all of this is don’t get too caught up in wanting to change and one way of doing that is simply counting your blessings and appreciating what you actually have rather than putting all your focus on what you don’t have. And that although change cannot be avoided it is important to be patient because everything in life happens in due time, even its end.

God Bless!


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