You only have to look at people waiting for food in restaurants to understand just how impatient we all really are as beings. The very idea of waiting for something or someone irks us so much that at times we would even resort to a more difficult/expensive option just because there is less waiting time involved. And in fact whether its hunger, illness, pain, flight delays or even just downloading something off the internet; patience seems to be a struggle more often than not. The Quran describes Man as being created in a state of anxiety, which when you think about probably fits the bill very well because we are always so anxious and impatient about things.

But honestly though why is it so hard to be patient?

I guess to fully answer such a question one would need to spend a lot of time and effort, but I figure no one has got the patience for such a thing. Haha! 😉

Seriously though maybe the reason why patience is so illusive is because it reaps such tremendous benefits. Like good things come to those who wait type of thing or maybe waiting on something is the universe’s way of questioning how much we really want something. Under any circumstance I certainly feel that patience is a struggle for all of us but also that patience is somewhat subjective at times. As in some people can wait on certain things but not other things and this is unique to each of us. Also the things that we can or cannot wait on are probably determined by our personalities, our interests, our thresholds (for patience) and our moods even.

I also think that you can probably subdivide patience into two categories. One category is when you actually know how long you have to wait and the other category is when the end to your wait does not seem apparent. And certainly the latter is far more difficult than the former, primarily because of the genuine uncertainty regarding when something is actually going to happen and how much longer do you have to wait. Take for example a person that is unemployed and is desperately looking for a job that just doesn’t seem to come. In situations like this (believe me I have been through it myself) the most depressing part is the idea of not knowing when you would actually get a job or whether you would even find a job. So to be patient in such predicaments requires tremendous resolve to say the least.

I would also be the first to say that many a time I find myself simply waiting on things to happen rather than actually working to make them happen and probably the biggest part of getting something (anything) is by spending every passing second working out how you would get to that thing as apposed to just waiting for it to happen.

But I guess maybe the solution to this whole issue of patience is to simply understand and keep reminding ourselves that in life everything takes time or has an ordained time for which it is going to happen. Whether that’s with finding a job, fulfilling a goal, becoming good at something, finding a soul mate etc.everything needs time. It is also helpful to remind ourselves of the tremendous benefits in being patient and the great joy that one feels when eventually your patience pays off. So hopefully if we start to look at things in that perspective the idea of waiting on something might not seem so difficult and daunting after all.

God Bless and happy waiting 🙂



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