Are you thinking about relocating? Possibly thinking about jumping ship and living somewhere new? Are you certain, as certain as you can be about anything in this world, that greener pastures lay elsewhere? Are you delusional? If you have answered yes for all the above questions then I’ve got just the story you need.

Now before I begin let me just say that I would probably be the first to point out that change is an inevitable part of life, we just can’t seem to runaway from it. And as I’ve mentioned before in another article, sometimes if change is not induced by will then it is pretty often induced by circumstance. But having said that there are these rare moments in life where things magically fall into place and you somehow find yourself on the move. So without really overdoing the introduction let’s just skip to the part where I give you the jest about relocating.

Initially leading up to the move, you are excited to say the least. You picture all the glorious wonder that awaits you and find yourself praying and hoping that the day you move comes ever closer. Then once that the day comes within sight and seems imminent you suddenly begin reminiscing on all the people, places and things which you are about to forgo, only to find yourself deep deep down questioning whether the move is necessary in the first place. You also wonder why you never really thought about these things earlier. However you quickly shoo away all these thoughts as you approach the moment of no return; the actual move.

The actual move itself is an emotional roller coaster. At least for me it was, couple your fear of heights with your fear of flying and throw in a few tears from mom and you have an extremely emotional 24 year old (at the time, now am 25 *two thumbs up) on a 7 hour flight to somewhere new. It may sound dramatic now but at the time all I could think about was what am I doing to myself?

The settling down period is the really testing part I feel because when you do relocate one of the biggest things that you lose is stability. In the sense that you were previously settled down, familiar with the environment, the people and how things are. Like you knew where to get certain things, you had your license, your car, your home etc. Once you move, usually, you only get to bring along a few of those things with you. And in most cases, you bring nothing along with you, everything gets left behind and you find yourself in a position where you need to gather in all this new information and somehow make sense of it in order to eventually find that stability which you had earlier.

The settled down period is pretty subjective I feel, some people find stability within a matter of days, some months, some maybe even years. Regardless, what happens to you is that you somehow wake up one day not feeling so lost anymore. And although not everything is crystal clear just yet, you find yourself somehow getting to grips with things. It is at this particular time when you see yourself developing as an individual and realize all the new things that you have come to know.

Now the biggest advice I can give to anyone who is thinking about relocating is this; you have to weigh how much you are gaining by moving and how much you stand to lose by not staying put. Do not look at the pros and cons of either (i.e. moving & staying back) because everything and every place has a pro and a con. You also need to come to grips with why is it exactly that you are moving, and you need to make sure that your reason for moving is worth it because the question of “Do I really need to move?” will keep hitting you every now and then, even after you have moved.

Finally moving or relocating is one of those experiences of life that brings so many things into perspective. The importance of family and friends, and how anything worth having comes with its fair share of sacrifice. It is also a period of self discovery where you learn so much about yourself. Like for me I’ve come to the conclusion that I am someone who doesn’t know how to be alone. I just don’t to be honest. Its also important to understand that so many aspects of life come as packaged deals or without sounding too financial there is a pro and a con to everything. And more importantly one should shy away from having expectations of perfection with regards to things in this world because unfortunately that would never be the case.

So if after all of this you are still bent on moving, then I wish you nothing but blessings and good fortune.

God Bless šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Momo’s Guide to Relocating… for dummies :P

  1. Great article! And so to the point! I agree so much!
    It can be a very fun or very complicated to say the least, experience to move, anywhere. And you don’t really realise how important it is until you do it. Because there are always going to be things you cannot foresee. But of course that can be the exact fun of it. The surprise. The unknown. If you’re into that type of thing of course.


  2. I agree, it is very disorienting, and sometimes pushing to the point of disturbing… Another important part is to realise when the point of being ‘settled in’ actually happens. I haven’t settled in back home after spending two years away from home now. After 5 months being back here, unfortunately, I am still waiting to feel like ‘I am settled in’. I hope you can adapt to wherever you are a.s.a.p.!


    1. Aha you are right in the sense that everyone assimilates at a different pace. Some ppl just settle in without a hint of a problem and other ppl take much longer to do so. But thank you for the wish, and I hope you find yourself settled in asap. Cheers


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