So a couple of weeks ago I was working on a machine at a hospital, and as I was doing so the machine was actually plugged in and it was on basically. I mean we often work on our machines while they are on anyways, just for quick testing purposes etc. But yeah while I was looking for the source of the issue, I was reaching into the machine to get to something at the back and I accidentally touched the power unit which controls the power coming into the machine and immediately I felt this strong electric pulse on my arm that actually made me scream a little bit.

Thankfully!! I just barely touched the power unit, because had I actually grabbed it. Game Over! That would have been it, no more Momo.

Fun fact: Did you know that when a person gets electrocuted, their muscles actually contract and they are not able to let go of the thing which is electrocuting them. Haha fascinating stuff!

Actually thinking back about the whole thing, if I had to choose a place to be electrocuted at, a hospital would probably be my top choice. But all sarcastic jokes aside, after looking around to see if anyone had heard my scream (more like manly cough!) and figuring out that I could have actually checked out there for a second. I suddenly realized that I had forgotten about everything that was troubling me at the time. I forgot about the stress I was having at work (because I was having a really rough couple of weeks then), I forgot about the issues I was having with other people, I forgot about the car loan, the rent. Everything and anything that was bothering me seemed to not have any sort of significance because I was just grateful that I had not actually grabbed that power unit.

So I called up my mom and my dad, just to hear their voice really. I didn’t tell them what happened of course but it all got me thinking, life is a constant cycle of ups and downs. And in that fact is probably one of life’s greatest characteristics and it’s that everything is temporary, even us. The good times, the bad times and even the okay times. Now having clearly known that fact, one must wonder really how much of life should we let ourselves be affected by.

The logical answer to that would have to be not much, if anything actually. You know we are all preoccupied by things that ultimately in the grand scheme of things don’t necessarily mean anything. Actually, I speak for myself here because clearly I don’t (can’t) know what everyone might be dealing with and some might actually be having issues with things that do mean something. My ability to overthink stuff never ceases to amaze me really.

But yeah I think that’s the point, in that many a time we over think stuff. For me I think the bulk of my emotional/psychological stress is well and truly induced by this ability of mine to overthink stuff. Now I really wish I could give you a proper list of things that are actually worth worrying about but unfortunately am still trying to figure that out for myself.

However, what I can tell you is that no matter how big of a problem you seem to be going through, there is always someone out there with a worse off issue. Also there are numerous people that would absolutely kill to have your life and the type of problems which you are having because they’ve been through so much. And the fact that you can even afford to be worrying about something is a luxury because it means that you are alive, healthy and secure enough to be in a position to worry about worldly things.

So the point in all of this is, remind yourself always of the unexpected shortness of life and things ultimately will fall into perspective. It might not seem much but if you make it a habit to view certain problems in that perspective then you may actually find yourself less affected by life’s many trials and tribulations. You’d be happy to know that its been working pretty fine for me lately.

God Bless and be careful with electricity 🙂


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